Priya’s Onion Tart

My friend Priya is a fantastic baker. I watched her assemble a gorgeous onion tart at a dinner party recently. It was in the oven baking while I gorged myself on the other delicious offerings, but I willed myself to accept a slice of the tart once it was ready. And am I glad that I did because it was so GOOD! I ate more than the tiny slice I set out for, and I craved it for weeks after. … Continue reading

Murg Makhani -or- Butter Chicken

Our favorite Indian restaurant in DC is Taj of India in Georgetown. Their murg makhani (chicken in a tomato cream sauce) is absolutely to die for. It is rich and smokey, and I can’t get enough of the sauce. David orders it every time we eat there, and he is kind enough to let me spoon some of the sauce over whatever I order. And if I’m really lucky, he will let me wipe his dish clean with some toasty … Continue reading

Snacking Pizza

Here’s a pizza that is perfect for snacking or a tasty appetizer. Just cut it up into bite-sized pieces and pass them around (if you don’t gobble them up yourself first). To make this pizza, or one like it, preheat your oven to 450ºF. Then, stretch some pizza dough out as thinly as you can and lay it down on a greased baking surface. Drizzle the dough with olive oil. Now it’s time to layer on the toppings. You can … Continue reading