Nature at My Doorstep

Even though we live in a city, there is a surprising amount of nature around us. Some of it even knocks at our front window. I’ve written here before about a little mouse that was peeking in at me one day, and now I can share the squirrel that mooned me. This squirrel was really taking its life into its own paws by venturing to our window because Stella is frequently on guard at our windowsill. One day, there was … Continue reading

The Gift that Keeps on Giving (after 2 years)- An Orange Tree!

When I was in Paris, I noticed that a lot of people had the cutest little orange trees in their windows. I wanted one badly. I thought it would look perfect in a kitchen with white marble countertops and sunlight streaming in through the windows. I didn’t have a kitchen at the time or anywhere else to keep a cute little orange tree. So instead, I bought one for my mom for Mother’s Day. Mistake. I ordered it online and … Continue reading

Apartment Gardening

I have always loved growing plants, but caring for them while living in a city has been a true challenge. Especially because my apartment receives NO direct sunlight. But that hasn’t stopped me from trying! Whenever I eat an exceptionally delicious fruit, I try to grow its seeds. I’ve done this semi-successfully with both oranges, pomegranates, and potatoes, especially with the help of this book. I’ve also purchased seeds to plant. Strawberries, radishes, cucumbers, and little sequoia trees were all … Continue reading