Magnificent Meat Sauce: New and Improved

Winter is a tough time for blogging, because the days are shorter, and food doesn’t look so great in photographs without sunlight. So I can either take pictures using a flash and hope that some really delicious recipes get the attention they deserve (like these ribs), or I can hold off and plan to remake a recipe on a sunnier day, with the risk that you might never learn about it (like a fantastic winter salad I haven’t gotten back … Continue reading

Chili Warms the Soul

Good riddance, 2015. Although there were some amazing highs (Japan, spending more time with family), the year was overwhelmed by fresh starts and steeped in loss. As silly as it sounds, bowls of chili, prepared by my mom and stashed in my refrigerator, served as buoys of well-being throughout some challenging months. I came up with my own take on her chili, and then devised a bunch of different ways to eat it. I am sure this chili will continue … Continue reading

Heavenly Hot Chocolate- Refreshed

My snow bunnies, you deserve to be greeted at your door with a steaming mug of this unique hot chocolate. It has been my go-to recipe for quite a while, but this most recent snow storm inspired me to streamline the time it takes to make and the number of dishes that it dirties. I love this hot chocolate because it doesn’t use cocoa powder, which I find imparts a chalky texture. Instead, quality dark chocolate is used, along with … Continue reading