Magnificent Meat Sauce with Pasta

This meat sauce is so flavorful and versatile. Just wait until you see how many different recipes I am working it into! This is my first time ever cooking ground meat on my own, so I am very proud to have made something really delicious using a recipe that I will return to again and again. For this rendition, the meat sauce is served simply over pasta with some basil and parmesan cheese. It is so good. This recipe makes … Continue reading

Curried Cranberry Sauce

I am addicted to this cranberry sauce. I need to have a bite a day to enjoy its tart, sweet, and savory flavors. Although it might seem odd to put curry powder in cranberry sauce, it works shockingly well. I first became hooked on this sauce in my cooking class, where I tasted it and immediately craved a piece of pork, but I’ve since discovered some other wonderful pairings for it. I love this sauce so much that I stockpiled … Continue reading

Guest Post: Lauren’s Meatballs and Sauce

A note from Pam: Lauren is an excellent friend.  We met in Paris and have bonded over a love of food, drink, fashion, and debauchery ever since. I teased you a while ago about the DELICIOUS sauce and meatballs she cooked up, and since you’ve been very patient and mostly polite, she has decided to share her recipe. Rejoice and salivate simultaneously!  From Lauren: Hello, Blogosphere! I haven’t written anything on a blog since I had a LiveJournal when I … Continue reading