Funniest Crime in Town

  Now that we are entering our fifth straight day of sunless skies and saturated soil, we deserve a laugh to brighten up our days. Fortunately, enough “crime” happens over at The George Washington University to keep laughs coming for days. Let’s take a look at the standouts from this week: Someone threw a gummy bear at a campus police car at 1:36 am, and it hit someone inside. That is ridiculous. Can you imagine (1) calling the police because … Continue reading

Things Heard Through Apartment Walls

David and I are getting ready to move apartments, assuming our future landlord ever gets the place into a habitable condition. In recognition of my reminiscing on the time spent in this apartment, I thought I’d share two of the best things I’ve heard through the walls and ceiling that I still haven’t stopped laughing at. The first one came on a Sunday morning. I’m a late and heavy sleeper, but my upstairs neighbors still managed to wake me up … Continue reading

Tea Time

Everything about tea is good for the soul. Brewing a cup of tea becomes therapeutic when you watch the fresh-smelling leaves and flowers unfurl their wisps of color into the hot water that envelops them. And all the care you put into brewing is repaid many times over as soon as your cup cools enough for the first sip to moisten your throat and warm you from the inside out. Exhale… now excuse me, I think my tea kettle is … Continue reading