Chili Warms the Soul

Good riddance, 2015. Although there were some amazing highs (Japan, spending more time with family), the year was overwhelmed by fresh starts and steeped in loss. As silly as it sounds, bowls of chili, prepared by my mom and stashed in my refrigerator, served as buoys of well-being throughout some challenging months. I came up with my own take on her chili, and then devised a bunch of different ways to eat it. I am sure this chili will continue … Continue reading

Flavorful Pasta with White Beans and Rosemary Oil

This pasta recipe is flavorful and delicious. The noodles serve as a delivery mechanism for the vegetable-based sauce and fragrant rosemary-garlic oil. I don’t think I’ve ever made a sauce quite like this one before, but rest assured that each step is intended to layer in as much flavor as possible. The addition of white beans and pancetta makes for a hearty meal, one that is especially well-suited to provide comfort and warmth on a below-freezing night. To begin, pour … Continue reading

Cuban Black Beans

If there is one thing David misses about Miami, it’s the abundance of Cuban fast food restaurants. I have also given in to their deliciousness. Flavorful chicken, black beans, rice, and plantains sometimes even find their way into our suitcases and back to DC. To celebrate summer freedom, I tried to recreate the meal at home. And these black beans are worth smuggling over state lines. We ate them as part of our Cuban feast, in breakfast burritos, in dinner … Continue reading