Bountiful Harvest

Getting farm-fresh produce delivered is the greatest invention ever! Why haven’t I done this before?! I have many friends who get local fruits and veggies brought to them, and I’ve always been intrigued by the idea. Now that I’ve done it, I totally love it. It is so fun getting a bag full of unique and delicious items, things I might not see or buy on my own. It’s a rewarding challenge to figure out ways to use up the goodies.

The produce pictured here is only a fraction of what I received. There were doubles of many of the fruits and veggies pictured (but six of the corn!). I cut the kernels off one of the ears of corn and added it to a salad, but the others are just begging to be thrown on the grill. I can’t wait to dig into the pints of perfect blueberries. And the basil will go straight into a tomato-mozzarella salad and maybe even some pesto. I love the juicy onions and their long sprouts. As for the zucchini and squash– who knows! Maybe I’ll try something new with them.

One of the beautiful tomatoes went into a salad with the leafy green/purple lettuce, and the other will meet up with the basil later. Washing the dirt and sand off of the lettuce finally let me understand why people like salad spinners. I could have used one!! The kale is begging to be baked into chips or wilted into a nice soup. And the rainbow carrots…oh the carrots!

I am in love! These carrots are so unique and full of surprises.

I really admire their ringed, multi-colored cores. So 70s!

But the purple carrots are extra special. They turned into little fireworks when I peeled off their outer skins. They are so bright and cheery, I couldn’t wait to eat them!

And when I sliced one open, it was beautifully, contrastingly yellow all the way through. It took me so long to cook my dinner because I just couldn’t stop admiring my ingredients! What did I make? An extra-special version of my mama’s roasted chicken on a bed of vegetables, yum!

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Bountiful Harvest — 5 Comments

  1. I finally found your blog! You have inspired me to subscribe to my local organic co-op! Those vegetables look amazing! I also can’t wait to try mama’s roasted chicken!

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