How Much Is That Doggie in the Window??

Stella has a new favorite puppy perch. She hangs out on our windowsill for much of the day. She people (and dog) watches, naps, chews on her toys, and entertains pedestrians. I even bought her a little rug to lay on so she can feel more comfortable. Stella is quickly turning into a cat.

Recently, I was looking for Stella everywhere but couldn’t find her. Then I noticed her little nosey sticking out from the curtains. Don’t you just want to kiss it?!  She has turned the windowsill into her doggy den, a safe place where she can relax.

The funniest part of Stella’s habit is what people must think when they walk past her window and see her hanging out in there. I’m sure Stella has seen some pretty wacky things go by too. What a peeper!

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