Take Me Awaaaay

My favorite part of flying happens just before takeoff. The plane’s engine growls with anticipation and hunger as it reaches full power and roars in a primal battle cry. It quickly breaks free from the ground and exhales as it climbs higher towards freedom.

I like flying low because it’s possible to see the landscape’s big picture without losing its individual details. I’m also a yenta and like checking out people’s houses and pools.

David’s favorite part of flying is when he’s right at the clouds and can dance above and between them. Sometimes the clouds are small and cute.

Sometimes they are thick and substantial- the kind of clouds you can catch in a jar or want to sleep on.

But other times, the clouds can turn a sunny day into a white night. It can be peaceful to watch the little streams of water swim past the window, but mostly, it’s boring.

Flying also allows me to capitalize on my desire to photograph reflections.

Hey there, I know you! Where to next?

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