Looking Down

I come from a family that loves the window seat. I married into a family that loves the window seat. I don’t yet know if that is significant in any way, but I do know that we love the window seat for a reason. The view of Earth from above is heart-stoppingly beautiful. Granted, extended views of oceans or prairies or dense clouds can get a little dull. And the in-cabin distractions of sleep, reading, eating, and watching can hog … Continue reading

Take Me Awaaaay

My favorite part of flying happens just before takeoff. The plane’s engine growls with anticipation and hunger as it reaches full power and roars in a primal battle cry. It quickly breaks free from the ground and exhales as it climbs higher towards freedom. I like flying low because it’s possible to see the landscape’s big picture without losing its individual details. I’m also a yenta and like checking out people’s houses and pools. David’s favorite part of flying is when … Continue reading

Tips for Taking Candid Portraits

I firmly believe that people are the most compelling photographic subjects. As much as I love taking pictures of flowers and interesting objects, nothing can communicate as much information as a human being. Each of these pictures tells you a whole lot about the person in it. And, at least according to my interpretation of each picture, the messages are pretty darn accurate. I can understand why some people believe photographs steal a part of the soul, because I definitely … Continue reading