Snuggley Stella

Stella has turned into a real snuggle pup. When we first had her, she did not want to snuggle at all. If we would stretch out on the floor next to her, she would get up and relocate a few feet over. Over the past few months, she has really learned to love a good cuddle session. She cozies up to me when I wake up in the morning, and even tried to sleep under our covers the other night. That’s a little cat-like, I think. And taking David’s foot space didn’t go over well.

Ever since the under-the-covers incident, Stella has really enjoyed being bundled up and swaddled like a newborn. When she tries getting comfortable on the sofa, she rubs herself against the cushions in an attempt to burrow into a cozy spot. I wrapped her up in our throw blanket before I ran some errands the other day, and the spot was still warm when I came home a few hours later. Take that, separation anxiety! Now, she can’t get enough of her little cocoons. In the words of my dad, “AhhhhhBaby!”

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Snuggley Stella — 5 Comments

  1. I just came across this through the recipe. I hope you still have your Stella and that she is doing well; thanks for the recipe and the great dog stories!

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