I discovered a CHESTNUT TREE in my neighborhood!!!!! This is momentous. Monumental. Potentially delicious! As it has become readily apparent, I am a true chestnut lover. I roast them probably four times per week while they are in season. I just can’t get enough! I’ve researched chestnuts before and discovered that they grow in multiples inside of threatening looking pods. And today, when I was walking Stella, I noticed a bunch of those pods all over the ground! Most of them were empty (the squirrels beat me to them), but some had some tiny, under-developed chestnuts inside. Sorry mom, but I WILL EAT THESE if they look good one day.

After kicking at the ground for about five minutes, I looked up and saw many, many more green chestnut pods still on the tree. At this point, a man came over and started talking to me about the tree. He was really into chestnut trees too and had known about this one before. After much chestnut tree chatter, he asked if I ever roast chestnuts. My face lit up as I exclaimed a resounding, “YES!” His face then fell as he said, “Oh, so you’re my competition,” and started walking away. I yelled after him that I’d never roasted chestnuts from a tree before, but the damage was done. Maybe I’ll have to do my foraging at night from now on!

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