Breakfast Crack: Maple Glazed Bacon

This bacon is one of the most delicious things I’ve ever eaten. The bacon, dunked in a mixture of maple syrup and cayenne pepper, gets baked until it is crispy and candied– I just don’t have the adjectives to do it justice. I first made it intending to grill the bacon, but an unexpected thunderstorm forced me to use the oven instead, and I’m telling you, it was divine intervention. I made the bacon a second time for David, and … Continue reading

Pumpkin Ice Cream with Cream Cheese and Pie Crust Swirls

I got an ice cream maker, and wonderful things are happening. I have had my eye on this pumpkin, cream cheese and pie crust swirl ice cream for years. Years. The wait was worth it. I know that the flavors are better suited for fall than sweltering summer, but I wouldn’t dare delay you from experiencing this pleasure! I still can’t believe that this ice cream came from my kitchen. To make this ice cream, start by combining 12 ounces … Continue reading


I discovered a CHESTNUT TREE in my neighborhood!!!!! This is momentous. Monumental. Potentially delicious! As it has become readily apparent, I am a true chestnut lover. I roast them probably four times per week while they are in season. I just can’t get enough! I’ve researched chestnuts before and discovered that they grow in multiples inside of threatening looking pods. And today, when I was walking Stella, I noticed a bunch of those pods all over the ground! Most of … Continue reading