Halloween Cat

This is Greasey. She is nuts. My dad found her as a baby kitten living in a tire outside of his work. Greasey’s full name is Grease Ball because that’s what she was when we got her. She also had fleas. She is a very lovable girl except that she terrorizes many of her family members. My sister really loves her, so we keep her around. She also has an enlarged nipple.

Greasey is a beautiful cat. I think she’d be a supermodel if she was a human. She is lean and has one of the longest cat tails I’ve ever seen. In addition to chasing it like she doesn’t know it’s attached to her body, she wraps it around herself when she sits like a very polite lady. She looks like the stereotypical, bad luck, Halloween cat in this picture though. On a related note, my mom once bought a Halloween CD with sound effects like howling winds and cackling witches. Our cats went crazy from it. Ha.

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Halloween Cat — 4 Comments

  1. We don’t keep Greasey around because Carly loves her… I love her too!! She’s so lovable and such a great snuggler!

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