Crazy Stella

Stella can be a real loon sometimes. I found her sleeping upside-down on the sofa the other day. All four of her little feet were in the air, and her head was splayed to one side. She lounges in this position frequently (she is not a lady), but I don’t usually see her doing it while she is asleep. I was tiptoeing around her to take pictures until I got right in front of her and realized that her eyes were closed tight and her upper lip flopped open. You have a great view of her snaggle teeth. And I just love that she has the remote nonchalantly teetering on the edge of the sofa as if she dozed off during a commercial. I want to kiss that nose!

And here is a view that you don’t see every day. Well, unless you’re a bug or an up-skirt voyeur. Four hairy paws and one curtain of tail fringe. Oh, how I love this doggy!

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Crazy Stella — 4 Comments

  1. My doggy is Stella as well! And she’s an exceptionally wonderful doggy, just like your Stella, tho bigger – she’s a German Shepherd (rescued).

    I made your man-pleasing chicken for Sunday Family Dinner – it was quickly devoured, and I’ve been requested to make it again, by my husband, no less. He
    is much more of a steak guy!
    Thanks for sharing it, WITC!

  2. I have a golden retreiver who we call Cooper Puppy. He lays like this all the time. I love when the snaggle tooth sticks out. So cute!

  3. My Stella puppy sleeps the exact same way!! She’s a shih tzu so she takes up a lot less room, but I took a picture of her one morning when I found her just like this in bed.

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