Stella’s Great Escape

One of the reasons we like our apartment is because Stella can sit on our wide windowsill and stare at the world outside. She is such a people watcher, that she stays very entertained all day. She is also a serious squirrel watcher, and she goes looney when one pops up outside the window. She barks and scratches and bites at the glass. All she wants is the squirrel. Once, a squirrel was looking in our window, and I called … Continue reading

Crazy Stella

Stella can be a real loon sometimes. I found her sleeping upside-down on the sofa the other day. All four of her little feet were in the air, and her head was splayed to one side. She lounges in this position frequently (she is not a lady), but I don’t usually see her doing it while she is asleep. I was tiptoeing around her to take pictures until I got right in front of her and realized that her eyes … Continue reading