Let’s Take a Walk…Through the White House Garden!

white house

I love living in Washington, and I love having friends who always take advantage of opportunities to be adventurous and try new things. I especially love when those two things overlap, and we can try new Washington-centric activities. We rang a doorbell for gin at DC’s first distillery, ate dinner at Dana Bash’s house, and most recently, went on the spring tour of the White House’s gardens- a rare treat that is only offered twice a year.

white house

My wonderful friend (read her guest posts here and here) got tickets to the garden tour through her job and invited us along. If you ever get the chance to see the White House’s gardens, I highly recommend it. The property is expansive, romantic, and usually off-limits. There is a lot to see in the gardens- trees planted by different presidents, the White House beehive, Sasha and Malia’s swingset just outside of the Oval Office, a putting green, and a basketball court.

white house

But now let’s get to the really good stuff. I saw Bo!! He was out for a little walk looking proud and schmoozing the crowds. He is a very fluffy and seemingly-calm dog. If only Stella had been allowed to join me, I’m sure she would have been smitten. Several years ago, I was on a tour inside of the White House, and George W. Bush’s dog ran by. I’m two for two!

white house

We also saw Michelle Obama’s garden, which seems like a peaceful place to relax. The garden has a lot of different beds with different varieties of lettuce, kale, and potatoes. Radish, broccoli, swiss chard, peas, carrots, spinach, garlic, and different herbs were also growing. I can’t imagine how exciting it is to harvest that variety!

white house

We got an up-close peek at the oval office and rose garden.

white house

And the sprawling views of the Washington Monument and Jefferson Memorial. It turns out that the White House grounds are much more beautiful than you could ever guess from the street. If I could pitch a tent, play with Bo, and pick some snacks from the garden, I’d be quite comfortable there.

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Let’s Take a Walk…Through the White House Garden! — 3 Comments

  1. How fortunate u r to have had this opportunity! As I have said many times, to
    Be able to live in the center of the country where everything takes place is
    In of itself so lucky. The few times I was in D.C., there aren’t enough words
    To express the feelings upon seeing the changing of the guard, the Korean War
    Memorial, the World War II Memorial & other Memorials as well. The
    Feelings I get when in D.C. are quite emotional. Our veteran’s group is
    Planning another trip to Washington soon. I’ll get a new supply of tissues.
    Those wonderful memories will stay forever.
    Planning a return trip. I hope it’s soon.

  2. Really? I had a layover in DC once, and the only interesting site I saw was when the police raided the hotel I was at looking for a fugitive and then a transsexual with a beard and a dress on asked me if I had any crack.

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