Witty’s Text Messages: Sister Edition

My family sends group text messages in excess. The texting sessions spring up at any time, they can last forever, and the subject matter is never the same. As annoying as this mass communication can be, I love it. The other day, we had this gem:

  • My youngest sister sent a picture of her dinner. It looks like a nice piece of salmon over cous cous with a sliced avocado.


  • My mom responded: Yum. I’m so proud of how nicely you cook for yourself. Good job!!
  • Then my middle sister chimed in: YUM!! I just dropped my dinner on the floor. #imhungry #parkersfull

Parker is her very cute pup. And I can guarantee you that, before she got him, dropping her dinner on the floor would not have left her hungry. Regardless, discussion turned to the dropped food:

  • My youngest sister asked: What did you make
  • Middle sister responded: Ordered sushi
  • Youngest sister jabbed: You need to learn to cook
  • Middle sister replied: I know how to cook
  • And then she followed up with the real zinger: Some of us can afford luxury
  • My still-proud mother capped it off: Lol. You girls are funny

I have no doubt about it- they’re my people!

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Witty’s Text Messages: Sister Edition — 4 Comments

  1. Phew!! I got so nervous when I saw this title. Thank you for only posting one of our tamer, “G” rated exchanges. 😉
    Love you!

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