Stella’s Weekend Tales


2:30 PM Friday afternoon: I get a text message from David: Stella stepped in gum and it’s stuck in her toe hairs. Our amazing dog walker asked if he can use our almond butter to slather her paw and get it off.


5:50 AM Saturday morning: I roll over in bed. I open my eyes to peek at David. I stare into a pair of big, brown eyes. They’re not David’s. I gasp and jump back. Stella is curled up on his pillow watching me sleep.


6:30 AM Saturday morning: David is in our office studying. Stella enters and pukes on the rug. Good morning!


7:00 PM Saturday evening: David and I arrive home. We put our key in the door, but the door only opens 5 inches. Stella is on the other side sniffing at us. “Stella, let us in!” “Stella, open the door!” Stella picks up the rubber Kong toy that is blocking the door and allows us to pass.


11:15 PM Sunday night: David and Stella are sleeping in bed, I’m watching TV. I leave for two seconds. I re-enter the bedroom to find Stella jumping down from the bed while the TV flashes off. David fully denies touching the remote; Stella remains suspiciously silent.

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Stella’s Weekend Tales — 11 Comments

  1. Such a sweet, beautiful pup. I will be staring at these pictures all day. I miss her…and her parents. 🙂

  2. Stella is so beautiful. I have a Ginger that looks like she could be related. Wonderful stories and I they make us so happy don’t they? Hug to Stella.

    • There are a few Stella look-alikes running around– she was a stray puppy, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she has a large extended family!

  3. Stella is a love.
    We have a cockateel that whistles,”These people are too short-
    too short” a parrot that says,”good bye” when anyone leaves.
    pets give our lives flavor. no?

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