Swedish Meatball Spectacular

This month’s Global Supper Club transformed into a seasonally-appropriate Christmas-around-the-world party. Everyone brought a sample of their favorite international holiday fare. Considering that we’d be enjoying a smörgåsbord, and feeling adverse to making potato latkes for a crowd, I opted for tasty Swedish meatballs. Other crowd-pleasing holiday treats on the menu: glögg wine, struffoli, a layered Russian beet salad, Moroccan lamb shanks, spiced pecans, twice-baked sweet potatoes, and marzipan cookies. Another feast! To make the meatballs, begin by stirring together … Continue reading

Pumpkin Cheesecake in Phyllo

Three bourbon pumpkin cheesecakes wrapped in crispy, phyllo dough purses, drizzled with bourbon salted caramel and topped with pumpkin seeds. It’s not quite what you imagine when you order “pumpkin cheesecake” off of a menu, but it’s similar to what Blue Duck Tavern brought to my table several years ago when I did just that. I was astounded. It was the best cheesecake dessert I had ever eaten, and despite being absolutely stuffed from my meal and intending to share … Continue reading

Playing Catch-up

It was a blink-and-you-missed-it summer, full of fun moments with family and friends, puppy love, laughs, and good food. I’ve been collecting stories to share with you, so stay tuned for backyard creatures, Global Supper Club: Southern Edition, and Stella’s doggy swim day in DC’s pools. You might have seen sneak peeks at some of these on my Twitter or (newly acquired) Instagram, but each photo deserves more than 140 characters of explanation! Were you able to spot this giant freaky … Continue reading