Layered Bake

I’m not usually a fan of casseroles, not a fan at all. But I love this one! There are layers of pasta, tomatoes, chicken, onion, and potato. It’s like a cross between baked ziti and lasagna, except that everything in the dish is uncooked when it goes into the oven- even the pasta! If you have kids around, this would be a really fun meal to assemble together. To make this interesting pasta bake, start by preheating your oven to … Continue reading

Crispy Chip Baked Potato

In honor of one of my good friends who is finally coming back to DC today, here is a recipe for her favorite food (and mine): potatoes! This potato is the closest you can get to eating chips for dinner and not feel bad about it. I love these potatoes because they are so fun to eat; I peel it apart and eat one layer at a time, enjoying both the creamy inside and crunchy, crispy outside. To make these potatoes, pre-heat … Continue reading