These are a Few of My Favorite…Birchbox Products!

I’m sure you’ve heard of the many monthly subscription boxes out there, but here’s the one I love: Birchbox. Birchbox comes with 5 to 6 beauty products that can include hair accessories, creams, nail files, and snacks. I gave my bridesmaids subscriptions to Birchbox, and hearing what they received every month made me so jealous that I ordered Birchbox for myself! It was a wise decision, especially since Birchbox’s online store gives you $10 off for every $100 you spend- … Continue reading

Coconut Rice with Ginger and Chilis

I am obsessed with this coconut rice. I’ve experienced its flavors in restaurants many times and have struggled to recreate them at home. When I learned how to make this rice in my cooking class, I knew it would be a staple in my kitchen from now until eternity. The rice cooks with ease and is delicately flavored with coconut, cinnamon, mustard seeds, ginger, and the delayed-onset heat of a chili. One taste, and you’ll crave this stuff too. To … Continue reading