Yay or Nay on…Carmine

Several months ago, I stumbled across an article discussing the use of carmine as a coloring in cosmetics. I had never heard of carmine before, but it turns out that carmine is a substance derived from bugs. More specifically, a variety of beetle. The bugs are typically farmed, and then they are dried up, ground up, and boiled up until they produce a rich, red coloring. The coloring is used in all kinds of things- food, clothes, makeup. Blech. I … Continue reading

These are a Few of My Favorite…Birchbox Products!

I’m sure you’ve heard of the many monthly subscription boxes out there, but here’s the one I love: Birchbox. Birchbox comes with 5 to 6 beauty products that can include hair accessories, creams, nail files, and snacks. I gave my bridesmaids subscriptions to Birchbox, and hearing what they received every month made me so jealous that I ordered Birchbox for myself! It was a wise decision, especially since Birchbox’s online store gives you $10 off for every $100 you spend- … Continue reading

When Pets Meet Makeup

The first time Stella ever stayed at my parents’ house, her and David got downstairs before I did one morning (well, all mornings). Stella came to greet me when I arrived in the kitchen. But something was different about her. I looked at her, and I looked at her, and I got closer to her. There was something red right between her eyes. And as I got closer, I realized that it was shaped like lips. My mom had kissed … Continue reading