Be the Thanksgiving Host with the Most

Are you having trouble sleeping? Do you find yourself lying awake in bed obsessing over appetizers and guest counts? (I know my Stella puppy is. She’s been working like a dog!) Given our proximity to Thanksgiving and other upcoming celebrations, I diagnose you as a very attentive soon-to-be host, and I have just the remedy you need. A well-planned menu and a strategic plan of attack will help relieve your stress, and allow you to enjoy your own hospitality as … Continue reading

Tender and Moist Buffalo Pulled Chicken

It is impossible to make too much of this fantastic pulled chicken. It is so flavorful and delicious that I can eat it again and again- hot or cold, by fork or by bread. All of the cooking is done in one pot, so it doesn’t make a huge mess either. And your relatively mild efforts will be rewarded with a truly crave-worthy and scrumptious meal. To make this incredible pulled chicken, heat a dutch oven or other oven-proof pot … Continue reading

Stella’s Picnic

David’s sister gave us a great picnic cooler with all kinds of plates and utensils, so we packed it with food and a blanket, grabbed Stella puppy, and found a shady spot in the grass on the National Mall. It was one of the best days I’ve ever had in this city. Stella was elated upon our arrival at the picnic spot. She loves exploring new areas and the smells that come with them, so she immediately rubbed herself all … Continue reading