Sunday Spectacular

Last Sunday, I met two of my friends for a shopping extravaganza at the farmers’ market. That’s where I got some of my crazy produce. Then, we cooked up our haul into a great meal. We made my friend’s family recipe for spaghetti and meatballs, and boy was it good. After they left in the late afternoon, I got into bed. I watched a billion episodes of “Accidentally on Purpose,” and I was so full that I didn’t eat another … Continue reading

Me Like Coffee Maker

My mom recently gave us (well, she insists she gave it to David) a Keurig coffee maker, and I’m in love. I’m not a big coffee drinker, but I am quickly becoming one because it is so fun to use the machine. There are a ton of different coffees to choose from- I can even make tea. See Emeril’s blue coffee pods? Do you notice that Emeril is missing his right hand? It weirds me out… no matter how hard … Continue reading

Stella the Country Dog

Stella would be so happy living in the country, a place where she could run through lush grass to her heart’s content. She would chew sticks in the shade with her snaggletooth. She would watch koi fish in the pond and occasionally paw at them or take a drink. She would leave the cutest little paw prints after running around in the sprinklers, trying to bite at streams of water. She would sniff at the sweet, flowery air from her … Continue reading