One Helluva Hummus

I’ve tried making hummus at home a few times, but this version is by far my biggest success. It is incredibly smooth and very mildly accented with garlic. I will tell you the tricks to achieving both of these benefits! And even though you’ll cook dried chickpeas to make this recipe, it is still surprisingly easy and makes a batch large enough for a party or for pushing off on your sister. I would much rather eat this hummus than … Continue reading

Be the Thanksgiving Host with the Most

Are you having trouble sleeping? Do you find yourself lying awake in bed obsessing over appetizers and guest counts? (I know my Stella puppy is. She’s been working like a dog!) Given our proximity to Thanksgiving and other upcoming celebrations, I diagnose you as a very attentive soon-to-be host, and I have just the remedy you need. A well-planned menu and a strategic plan of attack will help relieve your stress, and allow you to enjoy your own hospitality as … Continue reading

Really Cheesy Crackers

These crackers are so cheesy that if they were orange and shaped like squares, you’d think you were eating Cheez-Its. Surprisingly, it is really easy to make crackers from scratch as long as you have a food processor. It was fun, and I will definitely make more with different flavors and shapes. This batch of crackers has a mix of cheddar and gruyère cheeses with a hint of red pepper flakes. They are a little too cheesy to snack on … Continue reading