Thai Noodle Salad

This crunchy, savory, spicy noodle salad is so refreshing that it is sure to become a summer standby recipe for post-pool lunches and too-hot-to-turn-on-the-oven night dinners. Sautéed shrimp make a main course out of what otherwise could pass as an appetizer or side dish. Knife skills are all it takes to turn out this delightful bowl of Thai-flavored confetti. We scarfed this salad down and felt satisfied and healthy! To make a main-course salad that serves 2-3 people, begin by … Continue reading

Ramen Confession

I am ashamed of myself, but I’m not sorry. I’d do it again… I’d do anything to satisfy my ramen craving. I’ve had ramen cravings strike before, but I’d always been able to fulfill them by visiting one of DC’s rapidly multiplying ramen places. I either wait two hours for a bowl at a very small but popular place, or I drive to get some. But I was short of time, out of a car, and hungry for some soup. … Continue reading