Tropical Shrimp Quesadillas

This quesadilla put me on the beach. With each bite, the sound of crashing waves got louder and louder. I wish! Now that I think about it, there isn’t any mango or pineapple in this quesadilla to make it truly “tropical,” but it is something that I want to eat oceanside with a piña colada. To make 2 quesadillas, sauté 1/2 of a diced onion, 1 minced garlic clove, 8-9 jumbo shrimp cut into thirds (no tails), and 1/4 cup … Continue reading

Black Bean Quesadillas

I have been craving black bean quesadillas for days, but Trader Joe’s has been perpetually out of all tortillas. It’s been torture! We finally managed to get some tortillas before the after work rush cleaned out TJ’s stock, so it was time to fulfill my craving. But the quesadillas ended up being so much better than I remembered that my new cravings will never be satisfied. I first had black bean quesadillas in Paris when my friend had us all … Continue reading