Essential Chicken Stock

If you don’t routinely make chicken stock, you should think about picking up the habit. Chicken stock is an essential component of so many recipes, but so many packaged chicken stocks have a strange flavor that shows up in any recipe they go into. When you make your own chicken stock, you can control the ingredients that go into it and impact its final, ideally neutral, flavor. Making chicken stock is also a great way to minimize waste. Every time … Continue reading

Pho and Phriends

I love pho, especially when I get to share it with friends. I think I first enjoyed this flavorful Vietnamese soup when I was living in Paris, and the many places that serve it in DC continue to keep me satisfied. My favorite pho truck even stops by my office every week, so I can slurp up rice noodles and bean sprouts on the regular. I usually opt for beef pho, but when my friends and I saw a recipe … Continue reading

Tomato Soup with Grilled Cheese

Grilled cheese and tomato soup have been a winter craving for us since I packed them for a Valentine’s Day picnic several years ago, in the snow, to watch the planes come in and out of the airport. Back then, “making” tomato soup consisted of opening a can of Campbell’s. My tastes have evolved since then, but I hadn’t attempted to make my own tomato soup, so we went without. Our period of deprivation has ended just in time for … Continue reading