Mediterranean Eggplant Soup

Eggplant soup…it’s not the prettiest but it sure tastes good! I had never eaten an eggplant soup before, but I was given a roasted eggplant in my cooking class and told to soupify it. So I did, and it was surprisingly delicious! Finished with basil, lemon, and Greek yogurt, this soup would be even tastier served with a sprinkling of toasted pine nuts. To make this soup, begin by roasting the eggplant. Heat your oven to 400º F, poke 2 … Continue reading

Silky Squash Soup

This soup is like velvet on my tongue. It’s so silky and smooth and flavorful; I just can’t wait to make another batch of puréed heaven. I was so excited to see delicata squash reappear in the supermarkets, so I snatched one up. And then I had a soup lesson in my cooking class, and I knew that I had to make a squash soup. I was thinking about it and dreaming about it, but different events kept appearing on … Continue reading

Ramen Confession

I am ashamed of myself, but I’m not sorry. I’d do it again… I’d do anything to satisfy my ramen craving. I’ve had ramen cravings strike before, but I’d always been able to fulfill them by visiting one of DC’s rapidly multiplying ramen places. I either wait two hours for a bowl at a very small but popular place, or I drive to get some. But I was short of time, out of a car, and hungry for some soup. … Continue reading