Touchdown Pumpkin Soup

I have been trying to make a pumpkin soup like the one from Au Bon Pain for quite a while. Last winter, I shared one of my failures with you, and you were so kind to share many recipe ideas. After tasting ABP’s pumpkin soup a few more times and referencing its ingredient list, I have finally come up with a great imitation recipe. It’s a touchdown (my spoon touches down to an empty bowl)! A hole in one (from … Continue reading

Two Meals in One- Roasted Chicken and Veggies & Chicken Tortellini Soup

Now that I am away from home during the weekdays, I have to find creative ways to make easy dinners. It’s either that or a belly overload of our usual (albeit delicious) takeout places. I’ve been making some of our favorite meals that take a little bit longer to cook during the weekends and then refreshing them into new meals during the week. I am not one to eat the same exact meal repeatedly. Roasted chicken on a bed of … Continue reading

Susana’s Gazpacho

One of my wonderful friends, Liz, gave me the sweetest gift. She handmade a whimsical recipe book, and she included recipes from some of the people I love. One of the recipes was for this gazpacho, courtesy of my friend, Susana. Gazpacho is served cold, and it makes a nice treat during the summer. If you need a cute appetizer for a party, consider serving this gazpacho in shot glasses with a grilled shrimp balanced on each glass’ rim. This … Continue reading