Signs of Spring: Asparagus Soup

Amid the winter that never ends, this asparagus soup is our first sign of spring! In Europe, asparagus truly ushers in the spring season. Once the asparagus sprouts, it is EVERYWHERE! Even growing inside of restaurants in Munich! And it is so delicious. When I was studying in Paris, my friends and I did some traveling at the start of spring, and we had the privilege of sampling asparagus in many countries. Germany and Switzerland definitely had the best offerings. … Continue reading

Carrot Ginger Dressing

I have had this carrot ginger dressing bookmarked for years, but it took me so long to make because I couldn’t find miso paste. Eventually, I resorted to ordering it from Amazon around the time when I bought my gochuchang sauce, but the miso had exploded inside of its unchilled shipping box, so I sent it back. Miso is finally in my life, and this dressing was worth the wait. It is just like the carrot ginger dressing from Japanese … Continue reading

Spring, Glorious Spring

Spring is my favorite season. It never seems to last long enough because it straddles a very fine line between too hot and too cold. For me, spring is a comfortable jeans and t-shirt day. Jackets not required. DC has been lucky enough to have quite a few of those days so far, although several others have already been way too warm. I love seeing the grass and trees and flowers bounce back to life. Yellow daffodils on the hillsides, … Continue reading