Aerogarden Jungle

I’ve told you about my big garden dreams, and lamented the lack of outdoor space at my current apartment. But we found a solution! The Aerogarden is awesome because it fits on our windowsill, and it grows plants with no dirt, a minimum of effort, and it doesn’t attract bugs! We are nearing the end of our first growing cycle- tomatoes and jalapeños, and we have had the greatest time with it. We harvested all of these tomatoes in the … Continue reading

Miracle Dinner, Chicken Cacciatore

This chicken cacciatore is warm and wonderful and an absolute breeze to prepare. You really can’t go wrong. It’s a one-pot meal that cooks itself and is full of bright colors and healthy veggies. My mom had a pot of this chicken waiting for me the last time I visited home, and it was the perfect welcome. She was kind enough to divulge her recipe so we all can enjoy it. Pre-heat your oven to 400ºF. Empty a can or … Continue reading

Mini Frittatas

I’ve been meaning to share these mini frittatas with you for a while. After a weekend of heavy eating, we were craving something a little bit lighter. Eggs and veggies to the rescue! These mini egg frittatas could not be easier to make, and they are endlessly customizable. They are also really fun to eat, especially after seeing them puff up in the oven. To make them, preheat your oven to 350ºF. Then, coat a mini muffin tin very well … Continue reading