Squash Coconut Curry to the Third Power

This curry tastes fantastic, but its texture makes it really unique. The curry contains three types of squash that I would never normally put together- butternut squash, zucchini, and…cucumber! I know it sounds crazy to eat cucumber in a hot dish, but once the cucumber warms up and cooks down, it’s nearly unrecognizable. It transforms into a melty binder that holds the rest of the vegetables together, making them easy to scoop up with a piece of naan. You’ll want … Continue reading

Cauliflower Steaks with Black Garlic, Almonds & Thyme

I’m a few years late to the cauliflower steak party, but in this case, it really is better late than never. Cauliflower steaks are AMAZING! I bought a huge head of beautiful cauliflower when we went apple picking, and I knew that it was too pretty to break up into florets. And, so, these steaks were born. They don’t taste like typical cauliflower at all, instead, they take on a slightly smoky, savory taste– somewhat meat-like, we must admit. Dressed with tangy … Continue reading

Baked Tomatoes Stuffed with Tomatoey Rice

These stuffed tomatoes are a great way to enjoy the glorious produce appearing in markets as the summer draws down. I really like that this dish allows tomatoes to shine in two ways: first, the tomato insides are used to create a delicious tomato sauce that the rices absorbs, and second, the tomato outsides serve as a textural contrast to the pleasantly-firm rice that they encase. Stuffing the tomatoes requires several steps, so if you’re not feeling energetic, you could … Continue reading