Chana Masala Addiction

I am addicted to chana masala, but not just any chana masala. The tender, spicy chickpeas from one restaurant in particular won my favor. Despite its delicious food, I just can’t bring myself to eat there anymore. First, I found a hair in my chana masala. Blech! Then, I read an article detailing the restaurant’s health code violations. Double blech! I tried the chana masala from one of our other favorite restaurants, but it just did not compare. So, I … Continue reading

Summery Arugula Salad

This simple summer salad is spectacular! It’s light but filling, and it’s very easy to make. This salad would make a great starter for a summer BBQ, but a larger portion makes a healthy meal in itself. To make it, pile some fresh arugula into a bowl. Top it with shaved asparagus. To shave asparagus, place a spear of asparagus on a cutting board, and run a vegetable peeler over it. Use your vegetable peeler to shave some pieces of … Continue reading

Grilled Portobello Mushroom Burger

Talk about a delicious sandwich. I got two large portobello mushrooms in my vegetable delivery, and I just didn’t know what to do with them. David doesn’t like mushrooms, so a large risotto was out of the question. Here is a very simple, healthy, vegetarian sandwich that I think is perfect for a warm summer day. It just screams freshness! To make the burgers, take 1 large portobello mushroom per burger, and drizzle the top of the cap with olive … Continue reading