Deli Style T-BLATs!

What is a T-BLAT, you ask? A turkey bacon, lettuce, avocado, and tomato sandwich, of course! Best served on crusty bread with a healthy schmear of dijon mustard. There’s nothing here not to love! For us, this is the perfect lazy summer night’s dinner. Especially after I got a serious craving for a BLT after I saw it on a diner’s menu…but this version is definitely better.

There’s not much guidance I can give for making this sandwich because it’s pretty hard to go wrong. Just assemble the ingredients! I always make more turkey bacon than I need because it smells heavenly and I love munching on it throughout the day. Crispy, salty snacks are hard to beat!

Stella couldn’t help but follow her nose right to the source (and she came back to snag all of the extra bacon later in the night. So much for my snacking dreams!).

T-BLATs are much healthier than regular BLTs too. No mayo required!

Even though my sandwich is gone, its memory lives on…in the form of scrapes the crusty bread left in my mouth. Definitely worth it.

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