Priya’s Onion Tart

My friend Priya is a fantastic baker. I watched her assemble a gorgeous onion tart at a dinner party recently. It was in the oven baking while I gorged myself on the other delicious offerings, but I willed myself to accept a slice of the tart once it was ready. And am I glad that I did because it was so GOOD! I ate more than the tiny slice I set out for, and I craved it for weeks after. … Continue reading

Tomato Soup with Grilled Cheese

Grilled cheese and tomato soup have been a winter craving for us since I packed them for a Valentine’s Day picnic several years ago, in the snow, to watch the planes come in and out of the airport. Back then, “making” tomato soup consisted of opening a can of Campbell’s. My tastes have evolved since then, but I hadn’t attempted to make my own tomato soup, so we went without. Our period of deprivation has ended just in time for … Continue reading

Bubbly Eggplant and Tomato Pizza

I’m sure you’ve started to suspect by now just how much I love making pizza. It’s such a great go-to meal because it is easy to keep pizza dough around, you can put any combination of toppings on it, and it cooks up really quickly for hunger emergencies. I had an eggplant and a tomato left from my vegetable delivery that were aging quickly, David and I were hungry, and I’d just defrosted some dough, so pizza was the only … Continue reading