Chestnuts are Here!

It took a while for chestnuts to start appearing in stores this season, and boy was I getting antsy. I never got to take any chestnuts from the tree I found because they didn’t look good. My mom found some chestnuts at her farmers market and mailed them to me, and they were some of the best I’ve ever had. But I gobbled them up before I could take pictures of them. Here are some I bought at Trader Joe’s, … Continue reading


I discovered a CHESTNUT TREE in my neighborhood!!!!! This is momentous. Monumental. Potentially delicious! As it has become readily apparent, I am a true chestnut lover. I roast them probably four times per week while they are in season. I just can’t get enough! I’ve researched chestnuts before and discovered that they grow in multiples inside of threatening looking pods. And today, when I was walking Stella, I noticed a bunch of those pods all over the ground! Most of … Continue reading