Stella Hikes DC

For an urban area, DC has a lot of great hiking and natural areas. There are lots of parks within walking distance, some running throughout a large portion of the city with really beautiful vistas. We took Stella for a weekend walk around Roosevelt Island, an island park in the middle of the Potomac River. The hiking is largely flat, and the trails and paths are generally clear and well-maintained. Whenever we let Stella lead the way, however, her mountain … Continue reading

How Much Is That Doggie in the Window??

Stella has a new favorite puppy perch. She hangs out on our windowsill for much of the day. She people (and dog) watches, naps, chews on her toys, and entertains pedestrians. I even bought her a little rug to lay on so she can feel more comfortable. Stella is quickly turning into a cat. Recently, I was looking for Stella everywhere but couldn’t find her. Then I noticed her little nosey sticking out from the curtains. Don’t you just want … Continue reading

Stella the Country Dog

Stella would be so happy living in the country, a place where she could run through lush grass to her heart’s content. She would chew sticks in the shade with her snaggletooth. She would watch koi fish in the pond and occasionally paw at them or take a drink. She would leave the cutest little paw prints after running around in the sprinklers, trying to bite at streams of water. She would sniff at the sweet, flowery air from her … Continue reading