Stella and the Bar Exam

Poor Stella hated studying for the bar exam as much as I did. She didn’t like that my books got most of the attention. This picture sums up my bar experience feeling perfectly. I printed it out and took it with me when I went to take the test. It kept me company and made me smile. While I was away taking the exam, Stella missed me as much as I missed her. When I talked to David on the … Continue reading

Cute Bomb, Courtesy of My Phone

Every week, Apple has been giving out a free app in the App Store, and I got one that I love. Snapseed is a photo app that has some great editing functions. When I can’t fall asleep at night, I edit pictures. It’s fun, and I’ve created some really cool effects. I don’t get around to transferring my phone pictures to my computer nearly enough, but here are some highlights. Stella and I have been having a great time at … Continue reading

Gradient Sparkle Nails

Every time my finals start to approach, I adopt a new distraction. Last year at this time, I started this blog! One semester, it was searching petfinder for dogs. This time, I have two distractions. One is working on our wedding plans, and the other is NAIL ART! I came across on Pinterest recently, and I’m addicted. The blog is in French, so it also gives me a great reason to “brush up” on my reading comprehension. I saw … Continue reading