Crazy Stella

Stella can be a real loon sometimes. I found her sleeping upside-down on the sofa the other day. All four of her little feet were in the air, and her head was splayed to one side. She lounges in this position frequently (she is not a lady), but I don’t usually see her doing it while she is asleep. I was tiptoeing around her to take pictures until I got right in front of her and realized that her eyes … Continue reading

Hash Brown and Egg Cups

Are you looking for a really cute brunch or dinner idea? The answer must be these egg, hash brown, and cheesy scramble cups. They have everything you need for a filling meal all layered in a single breakfast muffin. These babies are so unique and fun to eat. They will be a regular around here! To make 6 portions (which should serve 2-3 people), defrost 1 1/2 cups of frozen, shredded potatoes. Then, preheat your oven to 475°F. Mix the … Continue reading

Kitty Bonding

When I went home to make (or attempt to make) hamantaschen with my mom, I went without David and Stella. One of them usually comes with me, so it was nice to be able to bond with my parents and cats one-on-one. The cats were especially happy that Stella didn’t make the trip because she tries to chase them. Little Muffin didn’t hold a grudge that I’d neglected her for so long (7 years). As soon as I arrived home … Continue reading