Stella Loves Life

Stella and I have settled into a routine that cracks me up. Every day, I take her out for a good dose of exercise. We run. We laugh. We dig in the dirt. And after we return home, Stella sits in her window. A few minutes later, she hops down onto the sofa and rubs herself on the cushions like a lunatic. She knocks over the pillows. She knocks over the blankets. She turns herself upside down and makes crazy … Continue reading

Stella of the Night

This is what Stella Girl looks like at night. She gets nice and cuddly in the blankets with her soft fur and tired eyes. I swear, she gets bags under her eyes when she is up too late. What a sweet girl. Sometimes, she snuggles her wet nose so close to me that my clothes are damp when she finally sneaks away. I love this baby. Here is Stella’s atler-ego, Spooky Stella, the doggie demon who will steal your bacon … Continue reading

The Perfect Granola Bar Bites…Finally!

Creating the perfect granola bar (i.e., one that doesn’t fall apart) has been arduous. This recipe is adapted from The Pastry Affair, but that method suggests baking the granola in a large, Pyrex dish. I did that at least four times. The first time, the granola bars came out perfectly! They were wonderful! We ate them all. But I accidentally left out some ingredients, and I was in someone else’s kitchen. When I got back home and followed the recipe … Continue reading