Pho and Phriends

I love pho, especially when I get to share it with friends. I think I first enjoyed this flavorful Vietnamese soup when I was living in Paris, and the many places that serve it in DC continue to keep me satisfied. My favorite pho truck even stops by my office every week, so I can slurp up rice noodles and bean sprouts on the regular. I usually opt for beef pho, but when my friends and I saw a recipe … Continue reading

Global Supper Club: Indian Edition (and Spiced Basmati Rice)

Many, many, many months ago, I read a story in Real Simple about a group of friends that has been having monthly dinner parties for many, many, many years where each meal features food from a designated country. I loved the article and the idea because it gave the friends an excuse to see each other regularly throughout the different phases of their lives and to cook and eat together. Those things are important to me too, and I thought … Continue reading

Be the Thanksgiving Host with the Most

Are you having trouble sleeping? Do you find yourself lying awake in bed obsessing over appetizers and guest counts? (I know my Stella puppy is. She’s been working like a dog!) Given our proximity to Thanksgiving and other upcoming celebrations, I diagnose you as a very attentive soon-to-be host, and I have just the remedy you need. A well-planned menu and a strategic plan of attack will help relieve your stress, and allow you to enjoy your own hospitality as … Continue reading