Sweet Potato Fries in Coconut Oil

Sweet potato fries are delicious, and I love making them at home because they can be a little healthier. I usually buy pre-cut fries from Trader Joe’s, but when I got this MASSIVE sweet potato in my vegetable delivery, I knew just what to do with it. I pulled out my mandoline and cut it into sticks. Perfect little fries. I usually use olive oil to make sweet potato fries, but this time, I decided to experiment with coconut oil. … Continue reading

Baked Belgian Fries

I love dipping delicious fries in a ketchup and mayo mixture because it transports me right back to Paris. There were few things better than sitting in one particular sidewalk cafe alternating sips of pick-at-random beer with crispy frites. Oh la la. And now I can have that experience whenever I want, right at home. You can too! To make these fries, slice 1 potato per person into half inch sticks. This is easiest to do using a mandoline with … Continue reading

Steak Fries

Here is another potato recipe that makes a simple and versatile side dish. Steak fries are great because they are easier to make than real fries and you can eat them with your fingers. They also have a great combination of crispiness and creaminess. Really, you can’t go wrong! I served mine with crab cakes. Pre-heat your oven to 450ºF. Cut one baking potato per person into 8 wedges. It’s easy to make even wedges if you continue cutting the … Continue reading