Dutch Apple Cider Pancake

With 35 pounds of apples sitting in the refrigerator, apples must be eaten for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Starting the day with this apple pancake is wonderful because it’s delicious, impressive looking, and I’ve engineered the cooking process to be as efficient as possible. The extra-large pancake is baked in a skillet, which makes the simple batter puffy, rumpled, crispy around the edges, and golden brown. The pancake encases meltingly soft apples, and the whole thing is drizzled with a … Continue reading

Girls’ Lunch: Veggie Pancake Salad

This is a really healthy, really tasty way to eat a veggie-filled lunch. This pancake salad is the perfect thing to make for a girls’ lunch. The veggie pancake is mostly made of beets, and when it cooks, it becomes a sweet, caramelized, savory concoction that pairs perfectly with some spicy arugula. Everything in this meal is good for you! Start off by cooking 1 cup of cubed potato or squash. I steamed some butternut squash (which Stella went looney … Continue reading