Panisses: Crispy Chickpea Batons

I just discovered the pure joy that are French panisses, and I must share that joy with you. Panisses are crispy on the outside, warm and soft on the inside, and made almost entirely of chickpea flour (hello, protein). The consistency is wonderfully reminiscent of a french fry, and the flavor is mild and chickpea-like. I’ve fried my panisses and baked them, eaten them as a snack and as part of a main course (braised chicken). They’re even fun to … Continue reading

Almond Cluster Cookies

Pull out your shopping lists and preheat your ovens…the healthiest cookie recipe I will EVER post is here, and it’s pretty delicious too. A version of this cookie, served by our Thanksgiving hotel, won me and my sister over. Generous mounds of sweet, densely packed sliced almonds made for relatively guilt-free pool-side snacking, and peeling the almond pieces apart gave us something to do when the clouds rolled in. Those cookies are reimagined here– just a tiny bit fluffier, less … Continue reading

Cuban Black Beans

If there is one thing David misses about Miami, it’s the abundance of Cuban fast food restaurants. I have also given in to their deliciousness. Flavorful chicken, black beans, rice, and plantains sometimes even find their way into our suitcases and back to DC. To celebrate summer freedom, I tried to recreate the meal at home. And these black beans are worth smuggling over state lines. We ate them as part of our Cuban feast, in breakfast burritos, in dinner … Continue reading