Baked Tomatoes Stuffed with Tomatoey Rice

These stuffed tomatoes are a great way to enjoy the glorious produce appearing in markets as the summer draws down. I really like that this dish allows tomatoes to shine in two ways: first, the tomato insides are used to create a delicious tomato sauce that the rices absorbs, and second, the tomato outsides serve as a textural contrast to the pleasantly-firm rice that they encase. Stuffing the tomatoes requires several steps, so if you’re not feeling energetic, you could … Continue reading

Roasted Shrimp, Corn, and Tomato Pasta

I’ve been craving the first course of dinner that was served at my wedding. It was roasted shrimp and corn ravioli, studded with bright red cherry tomatoes and more jumbo shrimp and golden corn. It might sound like an unusual dish, but it was so, so good. I never had anything like it before, and I haven’t been able to find anything like it since. I tried to combat my craving with a pasta dish made from the same components, … Continue reading

Susana’s Gazpacho

One of my wonderful friends, Liz, gave me the sweetest gift. She handmade a whimsical recipe book, and she included recipes from some of the people I love. One of the recipes was for this gazpacho, courtesy of my friend, Susana. Gazpacho is served cold, and it makes a nice treat during the summer. If you need a cute appetizer for a party, consider serving this gazpacho in shot glasses with a grilled shrimp balanced on each glass’ rim. This … Continue reading