Squirrely Stella

Stella’s Halloween costume is all ready for her! She is going to be her squirrely alter-ego, Nutella. This costume is very appropriate because Stella really has a lot in common with squirrels. In particular, Stella and squirrels both have very bushy tails, like to run, and like nuts. Stella’s favorite nuts are almonds, but she also has a thing for acorns. When she finds them on the sidewalk, she picks them up in her mouth and carries them down the block. But she doesn’t chew on them, and she always spits them out.

Also like squirrels, Stella stashes her food. When we come home, we find little pebbles of her meals hidden in our sofas and throw blankets or sprinkled around the apartment. She usually eats them up once we return, and she seems to remember exactly where she left them. But she doesn’t need the help of post-its to do so like the squirrels in that commercial did.

Unfortunately, Stella is not aware of how much she has in common with squirrels. I know this because she likes to chase them. Stella has an amazing ability to spot squirrels from very far away, and she tries her hardest to get at them. In those moments, I feel like I’m walking an erratic balloon.

The squirrel costume seems to be very popular this year, and I already know of two other pups who will moonlight in the rodent world next week.  I can understand why because this costume is just too cute. I must admit that even I like wearing that squirrel hat!

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