Witty’s Text Messages: Sister Edition

My family sends group text messages in excess. The texting sessions spring up at any time, they can last forever, and the subject matter is never the same. As annoying as this mass communication can be, I love it. The other day, we had this gem: My youngest sister sent a picture of her dinner. It looks like a nice piece of salmon over cous cous with a sliced avocado. My mom responded: Yum. I’m so proud of how nicely … Continue reading

Parmesan-Crusted Chicken

I guarantee that this chicken is more delicious than you’re imagining. It’s so good! I always have good memories from this chicken because the first time I made it was for my sisters when my parents were on vacation. This was the same vacation when my parents received a frantic phone call after Brooke spent all of our food money on bathing suits. I’m glad we were able to scrounge up enough to buy the ingredients for this dinner because … Continue reading