Lizzy Love’s Coconut Granola

It seems like this is the week of sharing recipes from friends. Cooking these recipes makes me feel like my friends are a little closer, and that is always wonderful. Liz gave me her granola recipe in a beautiful recipe book, and I can’t decide which was a better gift. This granola is the best I’ve ever had. I sprinkle it (more like shovel it) into my morning Greek yogurt, and it’s the best way to start the day. As … Continue reading

Peach Chocolate Chip Pancakes

I tend to make pancakes when I am home alone for extended periods of time. I love experimenting with different add-ins. I’ve had success with bananas, chocolate chips, blueberries, and even pumpkin. I love peach pancakes, and there are plenty of beautiful, ripe peaches around these days that need to be used up. So when David went out of town last weekend, I had myself some pancakes. For dinner. And breakfast. And another dinner. They are good, but the repetition … Continue reading

Apple and Cheddar Scones

My kitchen was a scone factory the other day. David requested that I make lemon blueberry scones, and although they are delicious, I was shocked because he never requests anything sweet. It was a big endorsement! And then I was craving a batch of apple cheddar scones that I first made two years ago and have been pondering ever since. These scones have a surprisingly small amount of sugar in them, and they strike the perfect balance between sweet and … Continue reading